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​About Me 

Hello everyone!


I'm Ponyo (Po-ni-o) Nguyen. I'm a children book illustrator from Ho Chi Minh city Viet Nam.


After studying Business English at the University of Economics, I started my career as an account executive for a multinational advertising agency for mom and kids brands.

Now I am a full-time freelance illustrator with love for story-telling and cuteness. I have illustrated books with self-published authors and publishers from all around the world. 


I am always happy to be a part of one’s special story. It is not only for the satisfaction of

my clients but also for my great memories. 


I hope to create best-seller and memorial picture books with publishers and authors around the world.

​​Thank You For Reading 



" Ponyo Nguyen is the perfect illustrator for The Fangs Visit the Dentist written by Jean
Saxby from the FANGS series. I’m so grateful for her illustrations. She has captured the
personalities of the animal characters with great skill and creativity.
As a prior illustrator myself, I appreciate how difficult it is to depict the cute and comic
aspects of Cunning Cat, Tricky Dog and Risky Rat. Ponyo’s talent has been displayed in the
way she has kept the features of each animal character consistent on every page,

which can be a difficult feat.
Her careful attention to detail is to be commended. Who wouldn’t be uplifted by the joy of
Risky Rat in the dentist’s chair which he imagines is a spaceship!
Ponyo has made the book entertaining and amusing—not just for kids,

but for adults as well."

- Jean Saxby -


" Ponyo is an excellent illustrator, whose gift for storytelling is beautifully evident in her work.

Her illustrations are a delicate mix of gorgeous light and appropriate emotional context " 

.- Melissa Perkins -

" Ponyo is not just an amazing artist but an inspiring person.

Let her illustrations bring you to all kinds of emotion-filled adventure, creativity and imagination. " 
- Shirley Ann Cabrera - ClickHere Digital Studio -

" The drawing is simply adorable, the colors Ponyo uses are joyful and lighthearted,

and she is very friendly, too. Such a lovely artist "

- Hypatia Nguyen -

" Outstanding work! Picture-perfect! This is more than I expected, I

don't need to make any revisions to it at all.

I look forward to cooperating with you in the future requirements. Thank you! "

- Hung Ta -


For book inquiries and commission, please contact me via email

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